Once again the snow has been falling and it looks and feels more like Christmas than Easter. The road was covered with snow and the car needed digging out, so we had a ‘stay at home’ day.

I went out with Laura to feed the birds but the snow was so deep I had to be carried! When I went to look at the fish, well, you can see the pond was frozen and covered with snow. But you cannot have snow and not build a snow bear, and it certainly was snow bear building snow; there was so much of it! I do like to play in the snow but the problem is it all sticks to my fur and I get very cold, so I didn't stay out very long, but I did enjoy it.

Anyway, I can see little snow bear from the window, and when he goes away, I hope that spring will arrive and I will feel much warmer. I don’t want to be doing my Easter egg hunt in the snow!


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