Because Laura’s parents have very recently retired I get to go out more!

This week we visited animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park; that was really exciting! I saw all sorts of animals and as you can see, I had a close encounter with some camels.  We walked through the wallaby enclosure, they were bouncing around all over the place (as you would expect), and the lions were asleep which may have been for the best, as they were very large. 

We had a lovely day out at the wildlife park and I hope we will go back again. I wonder where we will be going next week?

I know Laura’s parents will ask me, as they like to take me out; they are smiling when Laura drops me off on her way to work and they look so happy when she collects me and arranges another visit. I think we are going to have some wonderful visits. Laura said it would keep me occupied and out of trouble, I am not sure what she is hinting at...


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