Last year I made Laura a Birthday card with some help and the use of a very sharp craft knife. This year I wasn’t offered the craft knife, Laura’s Mum said it was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ (I think she worries too much). So a card was bought and I was given an ink pad and some stamps to decorate it with – this was almost as much fun as the craft knife!

Laura’s Mum said I wouldn’t get into half as much trouble with it, but I did. She said it was a good thing that the ink was water soluble and that my paws should be perfectly clean in a day or two so that I could go out with Laura on her birthday.

I do hope so.

Happy Birthday Laura!

From your best friend, Ray

What an exciting day! Laura needed some jobs doing on her house so she asked her Dad if he would help. He arrived with tools and buckets and a bag of cement, I knew I was going to enjoy this.

First job was to mix some cement, and mend a wall outside.  Then we went inside to do the other jobs, Laura’s Dad always lets help so I was busy fetching things for him. He doesn’t seem to mind me helping, and I do try to be as helpful as possible without getting in the way. Although, I think I do get in the way sometimes, but it’s all so interesting.

I really enjoyed my day working with Laura’s Dad, I hope he will be back soon to do more jobs on the house.

What a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, we went out for a walk around Derwent reservoir.  When I say walk,  have to admit I didn’t do much walking or we would still be there, so Laura walked and I had to be carried me most of the way.

I got a bit worried when some of the local wildlife appeared as we sat down for lunch; they may be cute and cuddly to you but they almost frightened the stuffing out of me. It’s the unblinking stare that makes me feel so uncomfortable. I was eating my lunch and felt like they wanted me for theirs.

Anyway we had a lovely day.

Laura has been away for a few days so I have been at Laura’s parents, and yes, the change of season does result in me having a bath for some reason. I had been told that I needed a good of a wash to smarten me up, what can they mean?  There seems to be an obsession with my having a good wash, it has now reached three times a year, when will it stop?!

However, while I was there, we did have a lovely visit to Chatsworth House and a nice long walk in the woods; I am not sure why I needed a bath to do that particular activity. Anyway as you can see from the photograph, we walked up in the woods at the back of the house, it was very high up, we could see for miles.

When Laura came to collect me to go home, she noticed that I had been ‘smartened-up’, she said I look lovely, and that is all that matters to me.

Not quite the Easter I had expected, we had snow and the Easter eggs were missing!

We went to Laura’s parents’ house as usual. I asked if I could go and look in the garden for the eggs like last year, but there were no eggs. What I did find, close to the house, were three lovely little golden rabbits sitting in the snow (chocolate rabbits, not real rabbits). I collected them up and brought them inside with me to warm up.  I am going to eat one a day and make them last.

Laura said I had been really good this year and not stuffed myself with chocolate like last year, I must admit, thinking back, it did make me feel a little queasy. 


Once again the snow has been falling and it looks and feels more like Christmas than Easter. The road was covered with snow and the car needed digging out, so we had a ‘stay at home’ day.

I went out with Laura to feed the birds but the snow was so deep I had to be carried! When I went to look at the fish, well, you can see the pond was frozen and covered with snow. But you cannot have snow and not build a snow bear, and it certainly was snow bear building snow; there was so much of it! I do like to play in the snow but the problem is it all sticks to my fur and I get very cold, so I didn't stay out very long, but I did enjoy it.

Anyway, I can see little snow bear from the window, and when he goes away, I hope that spring will arrive and I will feel much warmer. I don’t want to be doing my Easter egg hunt in the snow!

I have been sat looking out of the window watching it snow; is it winter again?

Two weeks ago it was lovely, I had a walk in the park with Laura, looked at beautiful flowers and saw squirrels dashing about; then what happened? It has been so cold, it has snowed and it feels like winter has returned. No wonder people always talk about the weather; there is so much of it! When will it warm up and make everyone feel better? Not this week by the look of the forecast, so stay wrapped up.

From Ray the weatherman!

I have to ask, is it spring? The snow appears to have gone away and the sun has arrived, it just feels different. Because it was so nice, Laura suggested that we went out for a walk. It was lovely, the birds were singing happily and there were beautiful flowers in people’s gardens and in the wood; perhaps spring is here? But it was still a bit chilly so I did need my scarf on.

I hope you like my photograph of the snowdrops, the only snow I wish to see for a while I think!

On Friday I was sat in the window waiting for Laura to come home and it started snowing. On Saturday morning there were some little footprints in the snow at the back of the house. I asked Laura what they could be, and she told me that they were mostly from the birds looking for food, and a cat probably looking for the birds, while they looked for food; however I am not going to think about that part of it, but I would love to see more of the birds. 

So, I now have a new hobby, I am going to start bird watching. Laura said it was an excellent time to start, as next weekend (26th & 27th January) is the RSPB Garden Bird Watch weekend.  All I have to do is sit very still, look out of the window for one hour and count all the birds I see visiting the garden.

Apparently, this activity should suit me well, as Laura said that I am very good at sitting still for more than an hour at a time. I do sometimes wonder what she is really trying to say.

Anyway, Laura had helped me find the link for anyone else who wishes to be able to sit down for an hour and not get grumbled at for wasting time.

Have a good bird watch.


I do hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your presents.

I hoped to get a new scarf, some chocolate and a Christmas cracker, and I did! My scarf is a beautiful deep red, the chocolate was lovely (I have eaten it) and the cracker was really loud. It had the most wonderful present inside; a set of three screwdrivers just my size! I will now be able to help Laura’s Dad when he is mending things for Laura.

I am not sure why, but Laura made me leave the screwdrivers in her father’s tool kit. She said they would be happier with the other tools and that I would get into less trouble if I was supervised when using them. I sometimes think she doesn’t trust me with sharp implements.

Happy New Year for 2013!