I have just returned from my first holiday with Laura’s parents, we have been to Somerset; it is quite a wet place.

We visited Weston-Super-Mare, it was windy and wet but it had a lovely pier, and on a sunny day I know I would have liked it. We went to the Cheddar George where I went down not one, but two caves! I was so glad to have my fur coat and the new scarf, Laura’s Mum had to knit it for me because it’d been so cold. We bought some cheese and cider, Laura’s Dad said I could try the cheese but not the cider. But I think my favourite place was Glastonbury; I enjoyed looking at the Abbey and the shops, then we climbed the Tor – although I was in Laura’s Mum’s bag, so I didn’t really climb it at all. Best of all it did not rain that day!

I am told that this is the British weather at its best – I hope it’s not going to do so well on my next holiday and then I may see the sun.

I hope you like my postcards; I will put some more on my facebook page.



Ade Bowen
10/03/2012 12:00pm

Hello. I was looking for an example of an object in the forground with a landscape behind to illustrate about the relative size of objects, and I stumbled across your painting of your bear in front of Bernbeck Island in Weston.

Very nice. Sorry Weston was wet when you visit us. Rest assured it is gorgeous blue skies today (although thunderous rain last night).

Even the Wurzels have a song called Sunny "Weston super Mare".


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