_ I really enjoyed the ‘Stargazing Live’ programme at the beginning of the week. Monday’s programme was very interesting; it helped me to see the shape of some of the constellations.  I am not sure how people made a few stars into bear and crab shapes, they have far more imagination than I do, but at least I know what to look for now.

I found the black hole stuff a bit difficult, so for now I think I will just forget about it. Laura is much cleverer than me and I am sure she understood it, so when I am ready she can help me, although she may have to wait quite a while.

But I loved the bit about the moon landing – I really do believe that someone has walked on the moon. Why would you want to make that up? One day maybe a small brown bear will land on the moon. I could volunteer; NASA, let me know when you want me for training!

Going back to Monday, I did look at the stars through the bedroom window, but there are a lot of streetlights so it is not easy to see them. I did not go out because it was very cold, it’s also a bit scary when you are out in the garden, in the dark, at night, with all the strange noises and you cannot see anything. So I think I am going to start by looking at the moon, I can see that quite well out of the window, and I can stay warm and not have to worry about the neighbour’s cat creeping up on me in the dark!



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