Today is Monday and Laura is not at work, she has the day off because it is a Bank Holiday. I am a little confused as Laura doesn’t work in a bank and she still has a holiday, but she says it’s fine and not to worry about it. She also said it would probably be wet and cold as Bank Holidays have a habit of being wet, and by the look of it she maybe correct.

But that doesn’t mean I am not enjoying it! There is such a lot of sport to watch and I do enjoy sport. On Saturday I went to watch the football on TV with Dr Ian. I put on my lucky red and white scarf to help things along, but sadly, it wasn’t lucky enough and Liverpool lost. (I have to say I thought it was a goal…)

I have been watching snooker in the afternoons, it’s been on for two weeks now and this weekend is the final. Laura had not planned to go out anywhere as she wanted to watch the snooker as well. We have been watching it together all weekend and today is the last day. I don’t mind who wins, Laura doesn’t mind either, but it was a bit of a late night for me last night, I hope it’s not too late tonight for the last session or I may drop off to sleep and miss it.

I wonder, if Laura went to watch the snooker next year, she could take me as well, I would be able to sit very still on her knee and look like a mascot. I am sure no one would notice me; I am a very good actor!



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