Last year I made Laura a Birthday card with some help and the use of a very sharp craft knife. This year I wasn’t offered the craft knife, Laura’s Mum said it was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ (I think she worries too much). So a card was bought and I was given an ink pad and some stamps to decorate it with – this was almost as much fun as the craft knife!

Laura’s Mum said I wouldn’t get into half as much trouble with it, but I did. She said it was a good thing that the ink was water soluble and that my paws should be perfectly clean in a day or two so that I could go out with Laura on her birthday.

I do hope so.

Happy Birthday Laura!

From your best friend, Ray


07/04/2013 3:49pm

Dear Ray
I think your birthday card looks wonderful.
Laura's mum was right, some really unpleasant accidents can happen with craft knifes - much much worse than any ink!!
By the way lemon juice is good for getting ink stains off hands - it might work for bear paws too!!!


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