_Because it is the start of a New Year I was informed that I needed a bath – a ‘fresh start’ is how the family put it. I am not sure why I needed a bath, it is only six months since my last bath and I am not at all certain I needed that one, although I had been gardening most of that afternoon.  Anyway, I thought I would get it out of the way, so while I was staying at Laura’s parents' for a few nights, I decided to get a bath.

I am not a particularly washable bear and the bath itself is rather large so I had my wash in the sink. Laura’s Mum filled it with warm water and frothy bubbles, which did look rather appealing, even to me. After a good wash and scrub, Laura’s Mum helped to dry me with the hair dryer, not set on hot, and then she gave my fur a really good brush. I must admit I did look and feel much better.

Laura was so pleased when she arrived at her parents' house, she said I looked so fluffy that I even looked younger! 


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