It’s so exciting!

I have been opening my Advent Calendar every morning and in each little door there is a picture that has something to do with Christmas. This morning it was a drum, yesterday some holly I don’t know what it will be tomorrow, I find it so hard not to open an extra door just to have a little look.

I have noticed that other people have Christmas Trees in their windows, we haven’t decorated the tree yet, I think that may happen this weekend. Laura said she didn’t want to do things too soon or I will get too excited and there is still a long time to wait.  I do hope that we can decorate the tree soon, I love decorating the Christmas tree! When I have helped Laura with our tree, perhaps I can help Laura’s parents with their tree too.

In fact, if anyone wants help decorating their Christmas tree just ask and I will let you know if I am available, but, I don’t enjoy taking them down.


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