Old Moor



This week Laura’s parents have been very busy, but they did make time to take me to Old Moor Nature Reserve. We had a lovey day watching the birds; they were also very busy feeding their young. The best moment was seeing the baby rabbit, it was so close I could almost reach and touch it! It was so lovely.





We had a bit of a family get-together, and I helped out with the baking. So that I didn’t get flour on my fur I was told that I had to take off my scarf and wear an apron.  Anyway, it was worth the effort, we made some lovely things and I enjoyed eating them!

 And yes, I did wash my paws before I started!

It was lovely sunny day, and the choice on offer by Laura’s Mum today was to continue decorating or to go out and work in the greenhouse. While she was thinking about it, I got myself ready and went down to the greenhouse, who wants to decorate anyway?  We had a bit of a tidy and then she let me put some tomato seeds in a pot and add a label so she doesn’t forget what has been planted in there. They have been in the pot all morning but there is still no sign of them growing, and now I have been told that it may be 14 days until I see them growing! 

It’s a good job they are labelled because in two weeks time I may have forgotten what I have planted!

I have had my New Year bath,  what a thing to have to look forward too. I feel sure it is unnecessary, three baths a year seems excessive, and sometimes I have to have one on ’special occasions’!

Anyway, that is now over, so what do I want from 2014? I hope that my New Year brings lots of walks, visits to new places and new adventures, then I will be able to tell you all about them, because that is what I enjoy the most!

Happy 2014.


I have had a lovely time finding fruits and berries to eat this autumn.

 When we were out this week, I found the best thing ever, the most beautiful coloured mushroom; it would have made any meal look lovely! But Laura’s Mum said ‘No!’ in fact she said it quite loudly as I reached out to pick it, I didn’t even think about picking the red one, I knew that wouldn’t go down well.
However, she did explain to me that it isn’t safe to pick anything that you are not sure of, and mushrooms are at the top of that list. So, best to leave them alone and just admire them where they grow.

They are very beautiful aren’t they.

I have just returned from a short visit to Laura’s Uncle Bill. I knew it was going to be interesting visiting Uncle Bill, because he’s an artist. He has a beautiful studio where he works and he let me look around it. He has pencils, paints, brushes and inks, paper and all sorts of other things I don’t know the name of. I could have stayed there all day, except it would appear a little bad-mannered to visit and never leave the studio!

 When I had finished exploring, Uncle Bill was busy working, I am not sure if he trusted me in his studio by myself, I try not to touch things but sometimes it happens. Anyway, he let me watch while he explained what he was doing, it looked so much fun! He has some beautiful drawings and prints on the walls of the studio.

This has given me an idea, I think I want to be an artist and decorate a room with my work. I will let you know how I get on.

Because Laura’s parents have very recently retired I get to go out more!

This week we visited animals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park; that was really exciting! I saw all sorts of animals and as you can see, I had a close encounter with some camels.  We walked through the wallaby enclosure, they were bouncing around all over the place (as you would expect), and the lions were asleep which may have been for the best, as they were very large. 

We had a lovely day out at the wildlife park and I hope we will go back again. I wonder where we will be going next week?

I know Laura’s parents will ask me, as they like to take me out; they are smiling when Laura drops me off on her way to work and they look so happy when she collects me and arranges another visit. I think we are going to have some wonderful visits. Laura said it would keep me occupied and out of trouble, I am not sure what she is hinting at...

Laura suggested that we should pick some blackberries when we were next out on a walk to have for a treat, so this week, in between the showers, we went blackberry picking.

Laura gave me a small box and told me to fill it; she took her container and was busy gathering the fruit and soon her box was filled. She commented that there weren’t many blackberries in my box, followed by one of those knowing looks she very often gives me, and then said ‘We should take them home and wash them before we eat any.’ It was a bit late for that; I had already eaten most of mine!

It has to be said that while there may be a lot of blackberries, they are definitely not the easiest fruit for small paws to get at, but they are worth it!

Just for the record, I didn’t eat anything bad and I feel fine.

This morning Laura dropped me off with her parents because she was going to work. She said it was to keep me entertained and out of trouble, I am not sure what she means by that… Anyway, I think it was to help her dad because he is building something involving a lot of wood. I found my screwdrivers in the tool kit and tried to make myself useful and not get under his feet, which is difficult when you are my size.

I have really enjoyed myself today and I do hope that I can go back tomorrow as there is still quite a bit of wood to put together. I love helping Laura’s Dad when he is building things and he appears to be quite happy with me helping. Laura said her dad must have the patience of a saint, but I can go again if I am not in the way.

Before we went out in the garden, Laura told me I needed to be careful because the sun was very strong and not to stay out too long. Not because I was going to burn, but because I may start to fade – what sort of a comment is that?! She will be telling me next that my fur is getting a bit thin and that I am starting to look old. Perhaps the constant bathing has something to do with the condition of my fur. I am happy to have less baths and see if that helps... (just needed to get that off my chest).

Anyway, Laura put on sun cream to stop her from burning, but she told me to stay in the shade and then I wouldn't get too hot (or fade). So, in our own way, we both enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, I hope you did too!

 I didn't win at backgammon, I must practice more!