Laura suggested that we should pick some blackberries when we were next out on a walk to have for a treat, so this week, in between the showers, we went blackberry picking.

Laura gave me a small box and told me to fill it; she took her container and was busy gathering the fruit and soon her box was filled. She commented that there weren’t many blackberries in my box, followed by one of those knowing looks she very often gives me, and then said ‘We should take them home and wash them before we eat any.’ It was a bit late for that; I had already eaten most of mine!

It has to be said that while there may be a lot of blackberries, they are definitely not the easiest fruit for small paws to get at, but they are worth it!

Just for the record, I didn’t eat anything bad and I feel fine.


09/14/2013 7:56am

I love Rays blackberry picking adventure and can't wait for the next trip. I feel so inspired That I think I will pick some blackberries as well. Thank you for the inspiration.


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