I am now ready to go to Laura’s parents for Christmas.
I have opened the last door on the Advent Calendar; it was not a big surprise as I had already opened them all last week but we can forget about that now.
I have had my bath and I am glad to get that over with, although I must say, having had a look at myself in the mirror I do think I look very smart.
It’s so exciting! I don’t mind what I get for Christmas, but I do hope that there will be a Christmas cracker for me, I love a Christmas cracker. A cracker, some chocolate and a new scarf and I will be the happiest of bears!
Have a very Happy Christmas.
Love from Ray

I have to admit that I feel a little embarrassed about what I have done, but it all happened so quickly.  Laura had passed me the Advent Calendar to open and then went into the kitchen, she wasn’t gone long and when she returned, I had opened all the doors on the calendar. I just thought I would take a little look and see what was next, and then the next one and the next until it was the last one and they were all open!  Laura said she was surprised that it had lasted this long, and had it been a chocolate calendar it would not have made it to the first weekend. I think she may be right; I love chocolate.

Anyway, we have closed the doors, and although they are not quite shut properly, I can still open them each morning, even if I do know what the next item is.

Best of all, we have now decorated the Christmas tree and it looks beautiful. It was fun helping to unwrap the glass baubles and then putting the tinsel on the branches. As you can see I also enjoyed playing in the tinsel!

We now feel ready for Christmas, not long to wait!

It’s so exciting!

I have been opening my Advent Calendar every morning and in each little door there is a picture that has something to do with Christmas. This morning it was a drum, yesterday some holly I don’t know what it will be tomorrow, I find it so hard not to open an extra door just to have a little look.

I have noticed that other people have Christmas Trees in their windows, we haven’t decorated the tree yet, I think that may happen this weekend. Laura said she didn’t want to do things too soon or I will get too excited and there is still a long time to wait.  I do hope that we can decorate the tree soon, I love decorating the Christmas tree! When I have helped Laura with our tree, perhaps I can help Laura’s parents with their tree too.

In fact, if anyone wants help decorating their Christmas tree just ask and I will let you know if I am available, but, I don’t enjoy taking them down.