I have just watched the last Grand Prix of the season. I now have to wait until March next year before I can see Lewis and Jenson racing for the World Championship again.

However, there is plenty to do before then, it’s the Christmas count down! Next Saturday is 1st December and I hope to be opening my Advent Calendar if Laura (or anyone else) has bought me one.

I am also wondering what I will get for Christmas. Laura’s Mum has been taking measurements again which may suggest a coat, scarf or even a hat. Laura says very little except ‘wait and see’, so I guess I will wait and see if she drops any hints.

I am so excited!

It has been a beautiful weekend, so Laura and I went to the park to walk through the fallen leaves. There are so many, I did not realise how many leaves a tree could grow. At one stage she had to carry me because I could not push my way through the deep piles of leaves that had gathered on the ground. But it was lovely walking in the sunshine, kicking up leaves and laughing about where they fell, which was usually on me!

Halloween didn’t turn out as I expected. We took the small pumpkin home; however Laura said it was far too small for her to carve a face into, so she drew one on with a felt tip pen. That would have been fine except it then started to rain! I don’t enjoy the rain, it makes my fur wet and heavy, so we decided to stay in and not go ‘Trick or Treating’ which only involves the immediate neighbour, so it’s not as though I was going very far.

But, on the bright side, the weather was so bad, nobody came to our house either, so we still have all the treats Laura bought, and I will enjoy them!