As you know Laura’s Mum loves gardening and this year she said she would grow a pumpkin for me. As it is Halloween, Laura took me to her parents to choose the one I wanted. 

When we arrived and walked down the garden, Laura’s Mum said there wasn’t really a choice to make as only one had grown and even that was a bit on the small side. So, we went to have a look. She was right; it wasn’t very large as you can see, but it was perfect for me! A Ray-sized pumpkin, what could be better?

Now I just have to think how I want to decorate it, and that might involve a sharp knife again.

I guess I don’t really look like the fast car type, but I like nothing better than watching the Grand Prix. I also like the football, the snooker, and athletics as well. In fact I like almost any sport really, but I especially enjoy watching Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button driving fast cars. Laura says that I get too excited when it’s on, and that I sit so close to the TV screen I am almost in it. I didn’t believe her until she showed me these photographs today!

It’s probably the nearest I am going to get to an F1 car, unless someone needs a new mascot. For anyone reading this from the world of F1, I am available for weekend work.