I have been lucky enough to be asked to go on holiday again with Laura’s parents. They said I was no trouble last time and so I could go with them again, this time we went to North Yorkshire Coast.

As you can see, I have been on the beach, it was a lovely sunny day and I had to borrow some sunglasses, although they were a bit on the big side. I also did a bit of rock pooling, Laura’s Mum told me to take care not to fall in as she did not want to spend the rest of the week drying me out.

We walked a part of the Cleveland Way, but not all of it, as am sure we didn’t get to Cleveland. We had our sandwiches sat by a corn field, so now I know where my breakfast comes from.

Best of all, unlike my last holiday in Somerset, it didn’t rain once!

I am going through my photographs and will post some more on my blog over the next few days. But I have to say, I had a lovely time; I wonder where they are taking me next, I must drop some hints......