Last year I made Laura a Birthday card with some help and the use of a very sharp craft knife. This year I wasn’t offered the craft knife, Laura’s Mum said it was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ (I think she worries too much). So a card was bought and I was given an ink pad and some stamps to decorate it with – this was almost as much fun as the craft knife!

Laura’s Mum said I wouldn’t get into half as much trouble with it, but I did. She said it was a good thing that the ink was water soluble and that my paws should be perfectly clean in a day or two so that I could go out with Laura on her birthday.

I do hope so.

Happy Birthday Laura!

From your best friend, Ray

What an exciting day! Laura needed some jobs doing on her house so she asked her Dad if he would help. He arrived with tools and buckets and a bag of cement, I knew I was going to enjoy this.

First job was to mix some cement, and mend a wall outside.  Then we went inside to do the other jobs, Laura’s Dad always lets help so I was busy fetching things for him. He doesn’t seem to mind me helping, and I do try to be as helpful as possible without getting in the way. Although, I think I do get in the way sometimes, but it’s all so interesting.

I really enjoyed my day working with Laura’s Dad, I hope he will be back soon to do more jobs on the house.