Laura has been away for a few days so I have been at Laura’s parents, and yes, the change of season does result in me having a bath for some reason. I had been told that I needed a good of a wash to smarten me up, what can they mean?  There seems to be an obsession with my having a good wash, it has now reached three times a year, when will it stop?!

However, while I was there, we did have a lovely visit to Chatsworth House and a nice long walk in the woods; I am not sure why I needed a bath to do that particular activity. Anyway as you can see from the photograph, we walked up in the woods at the back of the house, it was very high up, we could see for miles.

When Laura came to collect me to go home, she noticed that I had been ‘smartened-up’, she said I look lovely, and that is all that matters to me.

Not quite the Easter I had expected, we had snow and the Easter eggs were missing!

We went to Laura’s parents’ house as usual. I asked if I could go and look in the garden for the eggs like last year, but there were no eggs. What I did find, close to the house, were three lovely little golden rabbits sitting in the snow (chocolate rabbits, not real rabbits). I collected them up and brought them inside with me to warm up.  I am going to eat one a day and make them last.

Laura said I had been really good this year and not stuffed myself with chocolate like last year, I must admit, thinking back, it did make me feel a little queasy.