The Race



I have really enjoyed the Grand Prix on the television this weekend; I have waited since November for these to start again! The qualifying on Saturday was so exciting, with both Lewis and Jenson on the front row, it couldn’t have been a better start. Then we had to wait until Sunday afternoon for the race, but it was worth it, Jenson won and Lewis came third. Better luck next time Lewis.

I would love to be a Formula 1 driver, they are allowed to drive at top speeds, cut corners and I have never seen wheels come off a car so fast! I wonder if I could be a racing car driver.....
I have had an exciting weekend because Laura had to call the plumber. First the side of the bath came off, and I was told to stay out of the way. I only wanted to have a look and see what was happening. While the plumber was sorting out the problem, I had a look in the tool kit he had with him, it was wonderful. Just think what I could do with all the tools if I could use them! I was on hand when he wanted things, although he did seem to want to work by himself. I just thought he might have enjoyed a bit of company. Anyway, it didn’t take him long to fix the problem, and everything is back to normal again.

Laura commented that is was the first time I had ever shown any interest in the bath, what can she be hinting at?