_ I really enjoyed the ‘Stargazing Live’ programme at the beginning of the week. Monday’s programme was very interesting; it helped me to see the shape of some of the constellations.  I am not sure how people made a few stars into bear and crab shapes, they have far more imagination than I do, but at least I know what to look for now.

I found the black hole stuff a bit difficult, so for now I think I will just forget about it. Laura is much cleverer than me and I am sure she understood it, so when I am ready she can help me, although she may have to wait quite a while.

But I loved the bit about the moon landing – I really do believe that someone has walked on the moon. Why would you want to make that up? One day maybe a small brown bear will land on the moon. I could volunteer; NASA, let me know when you want me for training!

Going back to Monday, I did look at the stars through the bedroom window, but there are a lot of streetlights so it is not easy to see them. I did not go out because it was very cold, it’s also a bit scary when you are out in the garden, in the dark, at night, with all the strange noises and you cannot see anything. So I think I am going to start by looking at the moon, I can see that quite well out of the window, and I can stay warm and not have to worry about the neighbour’s cat creeping up on me in the dark!

_ I have found a new hobby.

I have been watching the series ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ with Professor Brian Cox. I have not literally been sat with Professor Brian Cox; I mean he was narrating the story on the DVD. Best of all, during the programme he said that we were all made out of the same material, I find this very reassuring as I thought I was just made out of fur and stuffing. Anyway, the whole series has been amazing! He knows so much and I now know that I know so little, however I am willing to learn – could I become Professor Ray?

Professor Cox is on television again this week with a programme called ‘Stargazing Live’ and I am hoping to join in with it. I have already been doing my research and looking out of the window at the moon and the stars, so I know some of the shapes and patterns – constellations I think Laura called them. I know there is The Swan, The Crab, and Leo (the Lion), but the most exciting thing is that is one called The Great Bear and one called The Little Bear, how wonderful is that! Laura is going to help me find them, but she said we must wrap up warm if we are going outside on a January evening. So on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I hope to be stargazing with Professor Cox, and if I am outside I promise to wrap up warm.

Just one other thing, last Monday night I enjoyed watching Thierry Henry and seeing the magic I was too young to witness the first time around. Although I do wonder how such an old man can still play football...